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Why I Switched To Better With Srixon Golf Balls

Written By: Alex Rosato | @arosato012 Changing to Srixon golf balls is the best thing I have ever done for my golf game. As a student and member of the club golf team at SUNY Cortland and the NCCGA's Northeast Regional Coordinator, I was introduced to Srixon through Nextgengolf. Before, I played a select...
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Sponsors Show Support at NCCGA Nationals

We are very thankful for our sponsors’ continued support of the NCCGA and #ClubGolf.  We are excited about their involvement at the National Championship; the players are in for a real treat.  Srixon and Cleveland Golf will once again be the premier sponsor at the NCCGA National Championship.  For the 5 Read more

WARNING: Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls Prone to Aces

Golfers are always particular about their equipment. Call it a routine or superstition or whatever you like; players are often reluctant to switch things up. But what about switching equipment to something that works? That is what many players are experiencing when they make the switch to Srixon’s Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls. This season on...
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#TrailToTPC – National Championship Shop

You may have seen some action on the NCCGA Twitter account about the Fall 2015 National Championship Team Shop. Clubs that have qualified for the season ending championship at TPC San Antonio have the opportunity to show off why they deserve to represent their region later this month with custom...
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How to get a hole in one

Written By: Kris Hart | @collegegolfguy To get a hole in one, you need to hit a great shot and most importantly be really lucky (and we mean really, really lucky). Do you think you would be able to increase your odds of making a hole in one if you had the Read more

Srixon golf balls make their way to the city tour

Earlier this year, Srixon launched the 4th generation Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV golf balls, the most technically advanced tour-caliber golf balls they have ever developed. Both the three-piece Z-STAR and the four-piece Z-STAR XV feature 2nd generation SpinSkin, a new 324 Speed Dimple pattern and an improved E.G.G. Core, resulting in a ball that has...

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5 Must Haves on your Next Bachelor Party Golf Trip

Many of us in our 20's and 30's will be hitting the wedding circuit this year and golf is often on the agenda for bachelor and wedding parties. Given that many of my friends are novice golfers, I have been asked what they need to bring on a bachelor party golf trip… and here are...
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Srixon Golf Balls Perfect for Tour and Club Golfers

The start of 2015 brought several new versions of golf balls. The overarching theme in the latest versions focused on one word: soft. Soft means more spin and control, critical for all golfers around the green. The idea was seen in versions released by Titleist, Callaway, Wilson, Bridgestone, and the new Srixon golf balls. The...
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Cleveland Cares about Collegiate Club Golf

For those of you who attended the 2014 Spring National Championship at Crystal Springs Resort in New Jersey, you experienced the first sponsored hole at any NCCGA event.  For each day of the tournament, Cleveland Golf/Srixon, our national golf partner, set up camp at the 4th hole of the Ballyowen course.  They showcased...
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