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Francis Ouimet: America’s Golfing Hero, Part 4

The big news of the second round was not Francis Ouimet, Harry Vardon, or any of the American players. Instead, over 6,000 folks surrounded one big, burly, long-hitting giant named Ted Ray who broke the Country Club's then scoring record of 71 with a 70 in U.S. Open conditions.  Read more

Francis Ouimet: America’s First Golfing Hero, Part 3

Francis Ouimet had to earn his way by qualifying for the US Open at the The Brookline Country Club, a devilish test of a course that then measured 6,200 yards with undulating, small greens. In the early 1900's, golfers did not routinely break par as they do today. It therefore came as a surprise when...
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Francis Ouimet: America’s First Golfing Hero, Part 2

Francis Ouimet was cut from a different cloth than the typical aristocratic gentleman teeing it up in the early 1900's. While golf has become more of a common man's game over the past century, when Francis was breaking onto the scene, golf was truly a rich man's game. Read more

Ouimet Scholar Running the Boston Marathon

Golf is a pastime that bridges generations, creates lasting relationships and teaches courage, respect, honesty, and instills an unwavering sense of humility in all of us. • Honesty – The first time nobody is looking and you don’t magically find your ball in the woods • Humility – A late Saturday afternoon when you knocked it in...
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