Ouimet Scholar Running the Boston Marathon

Golf is a pastime that bridges generations, creates lasting relationships and teaches courage, respect, honesty, and instills an unwavering sense of humility in all of us.

• Honesty – The first time nobody is looking and you don’t magically find your ball in the woods
• Humility – A late Saturday afternoon when you knocked it in from 150 yards out but were playing alone
• Respect – That beautiful spring morning when your Dad pulled you aside and calmly explained that it was not OK to talk when the other players were hitting or walk in their putting line
• Dignity – That hot summer day, after a hard fought tournament victory you realize that your opponent made a scoring mistake and you accept the penalty strokes

Such memories act as milestones in my growth not only as a golfer but also as a young man. Golf is a passion that has taught me so much more than to keep my head down and follow through.



As a caddie I became even more intimate with the game and was introduced to the remarkable life story of Francis Ouimet, the 1913 US Open Champion. Mr. Ouimet embodied all of these honorable human traits I mentioned above that brought out by the game. Today, his legacy is carried on by the charity that bears his name: The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund.  Since its founding in 1949, the  Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund has provided more than $25 million in college tuition assistance to over 5,000 individual students who have served the game of golf.

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Although I played golf frequently in high school, unfortunately I did not know about CGP or NCCGA when I attended Georgetown, and so golf was not a reality for me on campus. Nonetheless, due to the incredible sacrifices of my family and the tremendous outpouring of financial support from The Fund,  I was able to afford school and had an amazing experience even though I wish Georgetown competed in NCCGA's Capitol Region. Since graduating, I have been motivated to give back to this amazing organization knowing that thousands of future recipients of Ouimet Scholarships will carry on the legacy of Mr. Ouimet. On April 15th, I will begin to fulfill this promise by participating as a ‘charity runner’ in the 2013 Boston Marathon. I am honored to be running for a cause that is so important to me and raising money that will benefit other young men and women who have a passion for academics and the game of golf.

Today, I humbly ask for your consideration in helping to reach my fundraising goal. To read my full story and donate today please view my fundraising web page: www.crowdrise.com/michaelgiansanti