Got Golf Swag? These Guys Do

According to Merriam-Webster, swagger means "to walk around in a very confident way." With a little tweaking of this word and definition, I came up with my own form that pertains to the golf world: golf swag (verb) - to look "fresh" and confident on the golf course: to be able to perform as good as you look.

There is nothing worse than someone who thinks they are a great player who decks themselves out in cool looking clothes, the newest drivers with a matching set of irons, the flashy bag, and the shoes without a scuff on them, and then just sucks (we all know that guy at our local club). He steps up to the first tee walking as if  he's going to stripe one 310, right down the pipe and then tops it short of the ladies tee.  This guy thinks he has golf swag, but he really doesn't. Had he mashed one down the middle, this guy would be dripping with golf swag because his play would justify his confident attitude. Let's face it, not many of us can play well and look good while doing it, thereby intimidating their opponents with how they look and act on the course.

Does anyone stand out on the PGA Tour that oozes golf swag? Here are the Top 5 Golf Swags on the PGA Tour:

5. Rickie Fowler


It goes without saying that Rickie Fowler is becoming a fan favorite on Tour. Known for his flashy style and his trademark "Sunday Orange" outfit, Rickie knows how to turn heads. So many young kids in the galleries try to mimic him and women are all over him. This tells us he truly has the dress and attitude aspect of "golf swag" down. Unfortunately, this year on the course didn't go so great for Fowler. Rickie didn't take home a single event and only had five top 10's and ten top 25's all year.  He finished 38th in the FedEx Cup standings and didn't even get to compete for the Tour Championship at East Lake (only top 30 make the tournament). Per the definition described, Fowler wasn't quite able to back up his style with his play this year which makes him number 5 on my list.

4. Hunter Mahan


Hunter Mahan always looks fresh on the golf course. He always seems to have some obscure parts of his outfit matching. In the picture above he rocks the bright yellow hat with the bright yellow belt. He also rocks his own logo; let's be honest - anyone that has their own logo, has swag. On the course, Hunter had a decent year. Finishing 20th in the FedEx Cup with a second place finish, five top 5's and 16 top 10's. I like this guy's style so much that if he was able to win a few more tournaments, I'd have him at number 1 on this list.

3. Dustin Johnson


DJ has been in the news a lot recently with his recent engagement to Paulina Gretzky, daughter of  hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. This alone is enough to make him drip with golf swag (seeing as how gorgeous his fiancee is), but he also knows how to pull it off on the course. While always looking smooth and carrying himself confidently, Dustin had a good year on the course to back up his swag. He was able to notch a first and second place finish along with six top 10's while finishing 13th in the FedEx Cup. Overall, it was a damn good year for Johnson.

2. Adam Scott


Adam Scott will never be seen around the golf course acting unconfident and out of control. Seemingly, he is always in control of everything in his game and keeps one of the most level heads on Tour. Not to mention he looks insanely fresh while doing it. Scott is sponsored by some of the classiest, most well respected brands in the golf world and they keep his wardrobe in the top tier. 2013 was a phenomenal year for him as well, winning 2 events and finishing third 2 other times. He didn't miss a cut all season and is second in the world golf rankings. If those numbers don't back up his awesome style, I don't know what would. Oh yeah, and he just got a brand new Green Jacket to go with the rest of his swag.

1. Tiger Woods


It is really tough to argue that Tiger doesn't define golf swag. He was the first one to start wearing his trademark Sunday colors as soon as he started on tour, something which other players on tour have started to copy, he has his own clothing brand through Nike and he is the best player in the world right now - and arguably ever. This year Woods won five of the 16 events he entered, made every single cut, and finished top 10 in half of the events entered. Tiger always draws the biggest crowds and has changed the game of golf. What is more swagged out than that?

Disagree with my rankings? Think someone else deserves a spot on the list? Let me know!