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How’s your golf style on and off the course?

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new golf apparel. I’ve gone through countless hat, polo, and jacket brands. There seems to always be one thing about a shirt that I don’t like. Whether it is too many buttons, a collar that crinkles (everyone hates that), or a shirt that just won’t stay tucked...
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Millennial Golf Dress Code

Did you know Millennial golfers are being turned away every day at golf courses because of the dress codes? I will preface this article by saying I am a golf traditionalist at heart and agree/understand why golf courses have dress codes. Also, it is important to note that anyone who knows me would say my...
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Got Golf Swag? These Guys Do

According to Merriam-Webster, swagger means "to walk around in a very confident way." With a little tweaking of this word and definition, I came up with my own form that pertains to the golf world: golf swag (verb) - to look "fresh" and confident on the golf course: to be able to perform as good as you...
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Ryder Cup & 4th of July Golf Style Guide

In light of July 4th weekend, we celebrate our nation’s independence and freedom - the independence to represent the United States of America in fashionable, patriotic attire on Sunday of the Ryder Cup and the freedom to look as horrendous and out of place as humanly possible while on the international stage. Read more