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College Golfers Focused on Academics

Every year competitive high school golfers need to make choices. Do I go play varsity golf at a small school that will accept me on the team or do I attend my dream school where I cannot make the varsity golf squad? Unless you are one of the top collegiate players in the country, the...
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Team USA Prevails in CGP Ryder Cup Finale

We capped off the CGP Summer Tour with a Ryder Cup-style match play event. Team USA represented our country patriotically yesterday at Triggs Memorial, delivering an impressive win. Perhaps the US Women--who lost to 18-10 in the Solheim Cup, the women's equivalent to the Ryder Cup Event--could have used our help! Read more

Golf Tips: How to Fix Your Slice

Like many golfers, I was unable to draw the ball for the first year of my golfing career. I tried everything from aiming left to violently flipping my hands over at impact, only to watch each ball sail to the right. (more…)...
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The College Golfer Back to School Guide

Whoever came up with the idea of giving college kids three months of a break from school was a genius; it’s just the right amount of time for me to enjoy a little freedom from going to class and just enough time for me to miss the ‘fellas’ back in Blacksburg, Virginia. With that...

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Teach Me How to Dufner

In light of Jason Dufner's PGA Championship, we thought it would be fun to share a couple pictures of some NCCGA Regional Tournaments performing what may be the world's biggest collective act of Dufnering! (more…)...
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How to Hit ANY Bunker Shot

Written by: Bob Bonney Sand traps have always been a staple of golf; they’re a constant at every golf course ever built.  Whether it’s the fluffy beach sand of Kiawah or the pot bunkers of England, effectively getting up and down from greenside bunkers is a must for low scores.  Read more

CGP Growing College Golf from Boston to California

CGP began in the wonderful city of Boston, a city ripe with more colleges than any other other in the nation. In addition to schools, there is a wide array of courses from the rocky shores of Cape Cod to the Autumn foliage that lines most courses in Central and Western Mass. Read more

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