5 Signs You Need a New Golf Travel Bag

Written By: Nick Heyrman | @NCCGATourneys

With Spring Break fast approaching (possibly even this coming weekend for some schools), it’s time to think about how you’ll be protecting your most important possessions on your trip – your clubs. Whether you’re headed to the Nextgengolf Spring Break Open or to Pebble Beach (like former NCCGA Student Leader Adam Englehorn did last year), your golf club carrier says a lot about you and how important your clubs are to you. With that in mind, here are five signs that you should probably buy a new travel bag for your clubs.

1) Duct tape is your only option

I get it, you’re desperate to cram everything in there and the zipper broke. You’re in a rush to get to catch your flight and you just decide to use duct tape instead of actually trying to fix the problem or take things out of your bag. When we’re talking about our clubs, we just can’t take the chance that the bag will bust open mid-flight and some of our clubs might end up scattered in the cargo hold.

big heavy suitcase2) The wheels are obsolete

If you have to drag your carrier through the airport because one of your wheels is broken or stuck, you probably need a new travel bag. While you’ll get a great upper body workout, this will get old pretty quickly. Save your strength for the course.

3) It's golf clubs only

For whatever reason, many club carriers don’t have much room for you to transport extra essentials on your trip such as your golf shoes and a few dozen extra balls. You’re probably already paying a premium to fly your clubs with you so you might as well fit all you can in the carrier.

custom golf travel bag4) Generic like all the others

Your name isn’t on the carrier and it looks exactly like six others on the baggage claim rack. What better way to show people that you’re a serious golfer than having a logo club carrier with your name on it? Even if you aren’t a pro golfer, people will still think you’re a big deal. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little extra attention?

5) The airline lost it

If it hasn't happened to you, chances are it has happened to someone you know. You pack your golf clubs carefully for your upcoming golf trip and hand it off at the airport to be put on the plane. Then you're standing at the baggage claim watching everyone else's bags come out of the chute and nothing. Your bag is nowhere to be found. Now what?

If any of the above scenarios sounds like you, it's time to make it right. Luckily for Nextgengolf members (this includes NCCGA and City Tour golfers), OGIO Golf offers many great travel cases at significant discounts exclusively you that will solve all of the problems listed above. To learn more about the OGIO golf travel bag options, as well as pricing and customization options available, visit our player shop.