#GOLFIS My Boyfriend’s Mistress

What #GOLFIS to someone dating a golf-oholic:

  1. Golf is my boyfriend’s mistress. Draining putts. Getting birdies. Don’t think I don’t know what those mean! Oh and those cart girls, I know where they work…
  2. Golf is too quiet. When Tiger’s putting and the commentators are barely audible, and the guys who hold the “Quiet Please” signs. Where’s the excitement?
  3. Golf is taking over my TV. There’s a channel that’s golf 24/7? Why does this Big Break show have to fall over Pretty Little Liars?
  4. Golf is too expensive! How am I supposed to expect nice presents on my birthday if my boyfriend is spending his money on the latest Titleist driver?
  5. Golf is something I want to learn. If he’s so obsessed with it, there has to be something to it, right?

By: Chantal Gonzales