Nextgengolf Brings Young Professionals Together With City Tour

Nextgengolf strives to keep 18-34 year olds engaged in the game of golf.  Whether it is through our collegiate club golf tournaments or young professional events in major cities on our City Tour, our motto is always the same - Live Life. Play Golf.

With the launch of the City Tour nationally this summer, we heard a lot of great stories from our members about how these events impacted their lives.  As we think about our motto, we recognize that people have lives to live, jobs to work, places to go, and families to support.  With that said, golf is an integral part to balancing work and play and our goal is to provide low commitment, convenient golf experiences giving members an opportunity to not only play some great courses and have a great time, but also meet other young professionals in the area; an opportunity to network, but also to form new friendships.

George Ramirez is a young professional who moved to Chicago for work just over a year ago.  Not knowing anyone to golf with, he signed up as a Free Agent for the Chicago City Tour this summer.  Within days he was matched up with a team of other Free Agent players in Chicago and was set to play the first tournament at Harborside in May.  George’s team not only won that first event, he really enjoyed meeting and playing with his new teammates, “the tour has not only given me the opportunity to play competitive golf but the ability to meet people my age and network. After the first event we all exchanged numbers and kept in touch. We now play together on weekends when were free and practice rounds before the tournament.”

George grew up in Florida playing golf from an early age.  After continuing to golf into college at Loyola New Orleans, there was a void when he moved to Chicago for work.  George spent the first few weeks looking for chances to compete, “after looking online for leagues I stumbled upon the diamond in the rough that is the Nextgengolf City Tour. It not only has given me the opportunity to compete against peers but also has given me a platform to network and create friendships.”

George’s team will be represented at the inaugural City Tour Championship at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club in Chicago.  “When my team received the invitation to play in the National Championship, we realized that this isn’t just another tournament, this is something we can be proud to say we competed for.”  We will see how George’s team does competing against the top teams from across the country.

What is the biggest takeaway from George’s journey with Nextgengolf?  image1

It is not just about his team’s success on the golf course, it’s not the fact that he was  fortunate enough to make some more friends in a city he was unfamiliar with, it’s the fact that these stories are taking shape in all of the cities we launched the City Tour.  These experiences are what make Nextgengolf grow, continue to evolve, and provide members the best experience with where they are in their lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about the City Tour or how you can get involved, contact Matt Weinberger at

Live Life.  Play Golf.

**Matt Weinberger is the NCCGA Commissioner and the Director of City Tour