Golf Is My Passion

To me, you need something in your life that defines you as a person, as an individual. If you do not have anything that makes you stand out from the crowd, then how can you live an interesting life? Golf defines me. I am known as “the kid who plays golf” by all of my friends.  Ever since my dad taught me how to play when I was 11-years-old, I have been addicted.  From middle school golf, to high school tournaments, and now on to club golf in college, my passion continues. I will never be perfect at this sport, and I think that is what I love about golf the most. Even after a horrible day, all you need is to pure a 7 iron from the middle of the fairway and everything suddenly becomes ok. Golf has taught me how to handle life more than anyone or anything else ever could. To me, that is what #GOLFIS.

  • Golf is my passion, my life, my getaway, and my first love.
  • Golf will never leave me.
  • Golf will never turn its back on me.
  • Golf is my favorite drink after a rough day.
  • Golf is forever.

By: Casey Simoneaux

Twitter: @GeauxSimoneaux

Instagram: caseysimoneaux