Career Benefits of Starting A Club Golf Team

Starting a club golf team is not only fun but can improve your candidacy for jobs in the future.  Many of the jobs I explored asked for “Previous work or leadership experience required” or skills such as, “Leadership, time management, organization, hard-working, team management, innovative and a self-starter.”   Job candidates must demonstrate intriguing project or work experience to differentiate themselves. Having an outstanding resume here can often be difficult; however, starting a club golf team can help in a myraid of ways.  By starting a club golf team you will display each of the forementioned characteristics in gaining the following experinces

  • Being the vocal leader of  your club in selecting who plays in the tournaments
  • Encouraging others to join via social media
  • Supporting teammates through tough rounds, and coming up with ways to increase your budget
  • Helping add NextGenGolf courses to allow your club to play more affordable golf at local courses

If performed properly, these activities will prove that you are  hard-working, organized, and have team management skills such that you will be recognized as a leader, and one that can be trusted to execute on tough job tasks. The reasons to start a club team extend beyond the realm of resume bolstering.

How many of you love playing golf, miss playing in high school, look forward to playing in tournaments in the summer, and wish that you could still play competitive golf ?  If any of these questions apply to you, starting a club golf team at your school is just the answer.  By starting a club golf team and enhancing all of the skills which will be beneficial to you in your job search you will also be able to experience world class golf courses such as Pinehurst, Sea Island, and Firestone in NCCGA's National Championships (occur in both the Fall and Spring).  Being a part of the NCCGA also opens up doors to an extraordinary networking and job opportunities within the golf world. Whether your reason for starting a club golf team is to develop your personal skills, play more golf, start something lasting and meaningful that is fun, or meet new friends, now is the time to start your club.

The NCCGA's growth is astounding (see the different color-coded regions above)

  • 55 teams - Fall 2012
  • 94 teams - Spring 2013
  • 130 teams - Summer 2013
  • 220+ team - Spring 2015

The NCCGA will do whatever it can to help you with this club development process and we encourage everyone to get involved on campus. If I can help answer any questions about the program please contact me at .

Start playing with the NCCGA!

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