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Chip In For Chad and Help a PGA Pro Get Back on Course

On July 9, Chad Dailey, the Associate Golf Professional at the Bayside Golf Resort, sustained a serious brain injury while conducting a children's golf clinic. After hospitalization and numerous tests, the doctors are still at a loss to determine the reason for Chad's continuing seizures and his prognosis is uncertain. For the foreseeable future, Chad...
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Golf Brings the Community Together

#GOLFIS not only a sport but it is a lifestyle. I learned this first hand at the Metropolitan Golf Writers Association 63rd Annual Awards Dinner, on June 23rd 2014. Freddy Couples and Nancy Lopez were both honored at the dinner, along with John Feinstein, Knickerbocker Country Club, The Blackwelders, Travelers and the NJ PGA. All of...
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Ouimet Scholar Running the Boston Marathon

Golf is a pastime that bridges generations, creates lasting relationships and teaches courage, respect, honesty, and instills an unwavering sense of humility in all of us. • Honesty – The first time nobody is looking and you don’t magically find your ball in the woods • Humility – A late Saturday afternoon when you knocked it in...
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