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Bryan Park: Ready to Host Nationals

304 players, 37 teams, 21 individuals, 1 Bryan Park.  The NCCGA’s unprecedented growth has once again encouraged us to increase the field size.  Adding 64 players to the field compared to the Fall National at Dancing Rabbit, April’s club golf spotlight will shine on Bryan Park Golf Center for the 2015 Spring National Championship  in...
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Boston Golf: Rich History, but Often Over-looked

When you think of Boston, Massachusetts, often what comes to mind is the Founding Fathers leading the revolution and Boston greats David Ortiz and Tom Brady leading our teams to Championships. However, people may not realize that Boston golf also has a rich history. Many are unaware of Boston’s historic roots in the history and growth...
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Club Golf Academy: GPS can Improve Pace of Play

This week, Club Golf Academy is here to look into an interesting aspect of the golf industry. Technology has become more infused into the game we all love. I thought it would be a good time to discuss when it is legal to take advantage of the new devices. I wanted to cover the...

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#ClubGolf Dominated by Towson in March

The #ClubGolf campaign got kicked off the first weekend in March. One team has been dominating the competition since the start. Congratulations to Towson University Club Golf Team for taking home this season's first win! #Clubgolf was started last year by the NCCGA to promote the club golf at the college level for players who...
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How to Not Get a Golf Job

First off, Happy April! For many of our NCCGA seniors, graduation is right around the corner. I’m sure you have started the process of looking for jobs. Many websites and blog articles are written each year about the Do’s and Don’ts of how to get a job. Travis Richardson even wrote an article back in...
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Club Golf Academy: Ball at Rest Moved

This week, Club Golf Academy will address what happens when your ball moves, either by accident, the fault of your playing partner, or Mother nature. For example, what would happen if a fox ran onto the green, scooped up your ball off of the green, and ran away with it, sort of like this: Read more

Houston Golf: 5 Things Millennials Should Know

When golfers think of hot-spots around the country, Houston golf often gets over looked. Houston, however, has more to offer than you think, especially for Millennial golfers. Between a vast number of courses surrounding the city, different golf opportunities, and year round access, every golfer needs to start planning their weekend get away to Texas....
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5 Reasons New Balance Golf Shoes are Awesome

Although New Balance golf shoes have been re-released over the last couple years, most people still beg the question, New Balance has golf shoes? Most of us know New Balance for their exceptional running shoes as well as the white shoes my dad gets two pairs of every Christmas. In my opinion, New Balance has...
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Club Golf Academy: Dealing with Loose Impediments

This week’s Club Golf Academy artcile will take a closer look at Rule 23-1 concerning relief from loose impediments. Before we can talk about relief from loose impediments, we must define what is a loose impediment and what is not. Loose impediments are objects that have become detached from their original position and are...

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Cincinnati Golf: 3 Things Millennials Should Know

Golf can mean many different things to many different people. For some, it’s a profession, for others a hobby they can enjoy in a social setting, others a competitive arena, and still others a chance to escape everyday life. If you’re in your 20s and 30s looking to improve your golf game while getting a chance...
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