The St Andrews Experience 2014

The English & Golf Programme is directed by Dominika Antoniszczak and merges the worlds of golf and business. Dominika is a former member of the Polish under 18 National Golf Team, and in  2010 was ranked as number 3 in Poland. She has represented Poland in the World Junior Golf Series and the Faldo Series. 

We are approaching the end of our second week at the English & Golf Programme here in the home of golf – St Andrews, Scotland. Our Programme is a reflection of how golf and education can be a perfect combination. Students from all over the world come to develop their English skills at one of the best European universities – the University of St Andrews – and play golf at one of the most storied golf courses in the world.

Throughout the English & Golf Programme, participants have developed skills which will be useful in adulthood: time management, diligence and knowledge of etiquette are just few of them. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, there were three blocks of lessons and workshops depending upon which programme students had chosen. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, there were trips to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Highlands and other places representing local culture as an alternative to playing golf. August is a month of Festivals in Scotland, so the country was looking quite unique, and the prevailing spirit on the streets exaggerated this.Millennial Golf - EGP

Besides the trips and time spent in the classroom, students were able to play golf at one of the oldest golf courses on Earth, belonging to St Andrews Links Trust. The weather changed frequently, which made game even more challenging and unusual for the programme participants. They observed what true Scottish weather means! Obviously we didn't forget about the beginners as we encouraged them to devote their time to the game by participating in the golf clinic. Around 40 people did in St Andrews Links Golf Academy under the supervision of Steve North. I hope that for many of them it will be just a beginning of a new and everlasting adventure. It was gratifying to see a couple of them booking lessons afterwards!

Through my own observation, I can say that the town of St Andrews and its citizens contribute greatly to the development of golf. This might be the only town in the world where it’s normal to enter a restaurant while carrying a golf club or wear your waterproofs everywhere as golfers just fit in. The spirit of the town is easily recognized as well – especially when you realize that in this place some years ago, the legends who built the fundaments of today’s game were born. For example, Old Tom Morris who designed 1st and 18th hole on the Old Course.Millennial Golf - EGP

The English & Golf Programme 2014 was a great success! Hopefully the people who came to St Andrews this year will become avid golfers. I am convinced that many of them had improved their English and business skills while making friendships and memories for a lifetime! I believe that we will be able to meet here again during summer 2015 when the 155th Open Championship comes to St Andrews!

By: Dominika Antoniszczak

Twitter: @EGPStAndrews