Little Steps To Growing Golf

Have you ever watched golf with a group of people who haven’t really watched or played golf before? Or even a single person? This past week I sat down with some of my buddies and watched the RBC Canadian Open. I have never laughed so hard in my life at some of the comments they were making about the shots the players were hitting. They were impressed and couldn’t even handle the fact Jim Furyk was going to lose the tournament.

It all started out when Tim Clark started making his charge, while Jim was missing putts and mishitting shots on just about every hole. Once my buddies got the hang of things and found their favorites, a lot of them had to root for the Boise State and Canadian Native Graham DeLeat. One of my friends has actually met Graham at SpurWing Country Club. This is the home for Graham when he isn’t on TV making a living and impressing all of us playing average golf.

A lot of the time my friends were referring back to the previous week’s Web.Com Tour event that took place in Boise at Hillcrest Country Club where I am doing my summer internship. They got really involved and it was nice to see that they were getting interested in golf. They started asking questions like “Why aren’t the guys who were in Boise playing this weekend?” “These guys are too good, Adam can you hit shots like that?” The answer was simple for that question, I just said “Nope, maybe a couple times a round.” But they are right, the Tour guys out there are too good – it’s silly how good they are.

In the end, I have convinced them to come play golf with me and – if they can’t make it – go hit some balls on the range to get some things off their mind. Golf is a stress reliever for me, and with all my friends’ competitive natures, I’m sure it will be for them as well. Plus it’s just about to be a very entertaining round watching them to try and keep up with my shots.

Golf is growing, you just have to take little steps to keep it growing. Reach out to your family and friends and get them to come out to the course with you even if it’s just to hit range balls. Little steps are the most successful steps anyone can take.

By: Adam Englehorn

Twitter: @a_englehorn7

Instagram: dingle94