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Cleveland Cares about Collegiate Club Golf

For those of you who attended the 2014 Spring National Championship at Crystal Springs Resort in New Jersey, you experienced the first sponsored hole at any NCCGA event.  For each day of the tournament, Cleveland Golf/Srixon, our national golf partner, set up camp at the 4th hole of the Ballyowen course.  They showcased...
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Pitt Golf Team Gets New Custom Cleveland Bags

For Pitt Club Golf President Matt Milana, the waiting was the hardest part. But, six weeks after ordering new personalized golf bags from Cleveland Golf, the patience of Milana and his team was rewarded. The Pitt Club Golf Team received a sharp new set of custom golf bags last week, one week ahead of the competitive season...
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The Backhanded Challenge

I don't know if I've anticipated the end of winter/start of golf season as much as I am this year. Normally I get antsy and make my way to some heated range stalls when I see the first handful of ads for the Masters, but this year presents an entirely new challenge: My brother and...
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