Bentley Women’s College Golf Club Team

Golf is a notoriously a male dominated sport, but Eva Warburg, Alexa Douglas, and the Bentley Women’s College Golf Club team won’t be intimidated. This spring the team will be making their NCCGA debut in the New England Region, and want to prove that golf is not just for men, joining Wake Forest and Marquette in fielding a men's and women's team.

As team President, Warburg is excited for the upcoming season as is Vice President Alexa Douglas. Together, they have set reasonable goals for the team’s first season, but know they will see improvement each week while having fun, and want people to see that golf can be just as important for women as it is for me.

To get a better sense of the passion and enthusiasm that the Bentley's Women College Golf Club Team is bringing to the table, check out this video they put together:

How did you first get involved with golf?

As a kid, my dad encouraged me to take lessons, but often protested. It wasn’t until the summer before college that I picked it up again. I knew if I made a few small adjustments and committed myself to practicing, I would start to see improvement. I was hooked on golf after that.

Were you surprised to learn that women's college golf didn't exist at Bentley?

Yes I pretty surprised, especially because Bentley is a business school and golf is often such an important part of business! We really want women to step up and be a larger part of the game.

What were three key steps in getting your club started?

The three key steps have been communicating with student activities, finding other women who are interested in playing golf, and getting in touch with the NCCGA. If you can follow all three, you are setting yourself up for success!


How many girls are on the Bentley club golf team?

We currently have 15 girls who have expressed interest to play. I believe that there is a lot of hidden talent on our campus and are excited to find more girls who have experience. Some of them don’t think they are ready to compete, but I know after a little more practice we will get more of our girls playing in NCCGA tournaments

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

We have come up with some very attainable goals for this year. First, we hope that we can become much closer as friends through golf. Most of the girls didn’t know each other before we started the club, but we all have common interests. Secondly, we have a new opportunity in front of us to be able to build our skills. We will be working each week to improve. Finally, we feel like this is a great way for us to build a positive reputation on campus and to make the school proud.

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Why do you think more women don’t golf?

There is definitely a lack of opportunity. However, a lot of women probably don’t feel welcome at male dominated courses. We hope to change this because we’ve found it’s so easy to enjoy, helpful in career building, a great socializing event, and very addicting! It will take time, but I know the interest is there.

 **The NCCGA is the governing body for non-varsity college golf in the US. Contact them on Twitter @NCCGA.