Golf Scholarship: Am I good enough?

Every week students reach out to the NCCGA relieved to find out that there is club golf at their school and they do not have to be disappointed if they did not get a golf scholarship. The fact is that getting a golf scholarship is not that easy to do. Since golf teams are very small and the golf is not a financial asset to a college, scholarships are hard to come by. We put together the list of resources below that can provide a deeper context and consultation about getting a golf scholarship.

Non-specific to Golf


Golf Specific Coaches and Resources

1) Ping College Golf Guide
2) Road To College Golf
3) Red Numbers Golf
4) Fore College Golf
5) Nicky Goetze Golf
6) College Golf Recruiting

If you are a parent or student searching for a golf scholarship at the varsity college level, we would recommend reaching out to one of the resources above. If you cannot get the financial reward you are looking for at a specific school, but really want to go to that college, over 350 college have club golf teams. Feel free to reach out to Travis Richardson on my team if you have any questions or interest in club golf too,

What is club golf?

**Kris Hart, CEO of Nextgengolf