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Where was the NCCGA when I was in college?

“Why didn’t someone tell me about the NCCGA earlier!?” That was my first thought after the NCCGA reached out to me on twitter just a few short months after I graduated from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Once I looked into Nextgengolf and the NCCGA after they tweeted at me, I was jealous that I...
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Top 3 Companies to Work for in Golf

It is amazing to me how many people want to work in the golf industry. Given the passion behind the sport, it is not too surprising, but each year I attend the PGA Merchandise Show down in Orlando, Florida, and am shocked at how many golf companies (or maybe a better term, “golf concepts”) exist....
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Using LinkedIn to Find a Golf Career

If you ask a college student to rank the social media sites they use most often, LinkedIn would most likely fall outside the Top 5. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, and others typically come to mind and are used more frequently than LinkedIn. That should not be the case for college students looking...
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AJGA Summer Golf Internships, Apply Now!

We are always looking for opportunities to help our students with jobs and internships in the golf industry. Perhaps no better opportunity exists than the AJGA Communications and Traveling summer golf internships. Positions are available to work in the organization's Braselton, GA headquarters, as well as traveling to tournaments around the country. Read more

Golf Career: My Journey

My goal to work in the sports industry developed late. I entered college wanting to work in journalism, even spending two years writing for the Wichita Eagle newspaper covering high school sports. I never would have expected a golf career back in high school. (more…)...
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3 Tips for Getting a Golf Job: Start as a Caddy

Being the CEO of Nextgengolf, you can imagine how many students and young adults reach out asking for a job or introduction to friends at other golf companies. It is amazing how many people send the same email saying “I love golf, this is my passion, I currently work in sales, and am the best...
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Got a Golf Career?

The golf industry is vast and holds a variety of careers everywhere from the local to international level. Whether it is working at a local golf club or becoming an executive in the corporate world for a company like Cleveland Golf and Srixon, there are opportunities out there for anyone looking to...

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Making a Millennial Golf Career

You should be able to enjoy your job as much as you enjoy your hobbies. One field developing as a career for Millennials is golf. Once revered as a “rich man’s sport,” golf has become more popular and accessible. Because of this, careers in the golf are opening up especially for Millennials.

What Kind of Golf Career?

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