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Affordable Golf for Young Professionals

The Nextgen City Tour is getting young professionals in the game this summer. With affordable golf tournaments in major cities like Boston, NYC, DC, Chicago, Nashville, and many more, Nextgengolf is making it easier for young professionals to play tourney golf. Over 50 tournaments are scheduled amongst 14 cities, all of which are at...
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The Golf Courses of The City Tour: Part 1

Nextgengolf will be hosting 50 golf tournaments this Summer at some of the best public and private golf courses around the country. In this 4-part series, we will be featuring the top golf courses that will be hosting City Tour events. Nextgengolf's City Tour is offering team based weekend tournaments in 14 cities this Summer...
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College Golf in the City

When thinking of Washington D.C., golf is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind. And it certainly was not a reason factoring into my decision to attend The George Washington University, a school located just three blocks from the White House. City life has its perks: great food, nightlife, and job opportunities just...
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