Fraternity and Recreational College Golf Made Easy

Did you know that there are more students playing club golf than NCAA varsity golf right now? Whether you are interested in playing in weekend stroke play tournaments in the National Collegiate Club Golf Association or just saving $20 a round through a Nextgen Collegiate Membership, teeing it up with your friends this spring has never been easier.

In an effort to help students start their own golf tournaments, our good friends at SquadUP have launched an online ticketing platform that makes it extremely easy to successfully manage, fund, and promote a variety of college events. As the experts in college golf, we are excited to help more students utilize SquadUP to organize golf tournaments this spring. SquadUP's social event planning platform makes it extremely easy to manage, fund, and promote a wide range of events.


Below are a few examples of events Nextgengolf & Squadup can help you organize:

  • Fraternity spring golf scramble
  • Campus-wide fraternity & sorority golf outing
  • Ryder Cup style tournaments against other local schools (we've done this before)
  • Fundraising golf event for a charity or cause you are passionate about
  • Fundraising golf event for your own NCCGA club golf team
  • Fundraising golf event to help start a new club golf team on campus

As an added benefit, SquadUP will give 3% of the event proceeds back to the student leading the effort. If your golf events (including the greens fees charged) raises $5,000 you would make $150 in the process. Interested in learning more about Squadup? Consider becoming a Squadup brand ambassador and trying out their useful event management tool to plan your perfect event this spring.

If you have questions about using SquadUP, Co-Founder Austen Vernon ( has made himself available to all students in the Nextgengolf & NCCGA community.