Team Pages for All NCCGA Schools

Every day we here at the NCCGA are working to make the jobs of club golf teams, and their Presidents, easier. Whether it's by building a comprehensive back-end to support roster management and payments, the ability to view leaderboards for past seasons, and everything in-between, our end goal is always the same: How can we improve the experience?

One of the ways is by providing each club team a customized team page on the Nextgengolf website. The team page contains a lot of useful information for active club members and, more importantly, prospective club members. Each page contains:

  • A form for students to "Join the Club Golf Team". The form automatically adds the student to the team's back-end portal, and e-mails an introduction to the team's Club President.
  • Details on both regional tournaments of the semester
  • Full discounts available on clubs, apparel, balls, and more
  • Courses closest to campus offering a college rate
  • Club's President, Region page, and Twitter account
  • Achievement section where each club can brag about regional & national titles.
nccga website team page nextgengolf

Virginia Tech's club golf page on the Nextgengolf webpage. Teams have the ability to utilize this public page to help recruit and promote the club, as well as brag about their achievements.

We've recently seen new clubs start at Grand Canyon University and Kansas State, and both have utilized their public team pages to build their rosters and build depth that is critical for any club.

Find your team's page

Want to access your team's page? Follow this link and you'll see the pages for each school divided by region. Let us know if you have any feedback on how we can improve the page to better fit your needs.

**Travis Richardson is a Zone Manager for the NCCGA. Reach him via e-mail