NCCGA Helps College Golf Teams with Fundraising


College golf club teams have consistently asked our Nextgengolf team over the past several years for support on fundraising.  Teams are always looking for a way to raise money to help offset the costs of running a successful club program.  Earlier this year, the NCCGA fundraising platform was launched specifically to help out these club teams. 

During the first semester of use in the spring, teams set up their fundraising platform using the Nextgengolf software they have grown accustomed to using when managing their club team roster.  

Teams like Virginia Tech, Rhode Island, UW-Green Bay, Wake Forest, and UNC-Wilmington have taken advantage of the easy platform. Sending out the Virginia Tech fundraising page to possible contributors letting them know why to support their team, “Established in 2004, our team has earned numerous conference championships and competed in numerous national championships. As our team continues to grow, so does the expense of a student-funded team. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!”

In August of 2015, Nextgengolf recently launched an update to the NCCGA fundraising platform to give future contributors even more ways to support club teams across the country.  Contributors can now donate cash, sponsored product, or contribute and receive a personal gift. The products available include Srixon Z-Star golf balls, OGIO golf bags, Oxford polos, State Traditions koozies and hats, PlayKleen towels, and much more.

If you have questions about how to support a team, contact

**Matt Weinberger is the NCCGA Commissioner, and Nextgengolf City Tour Director. Contact him on Twitter @bergsUD.