7 College Fundraising Tips for your Club Golf Team

Fundraising can often be the biggest headache for a new president or an existing team. Many of our teams, however, find creative ways to raise money each semester and most of them do not take much time or effort. Fundraising can be intimidating at first, but if it is done right you can raise hundreds or thousands of dollars for your team.

College Fundraising

Acquiring funding from your school is the most efficient way to fund your club golf team. Contact your club sports department and find out what it takes to be funded. Every schools is different so you will want to find out how your school operates. For example, some schools have club teams start through student activities or student government and then after a certain grace period, they will become a Registered Student Organization (RSO). Schools are often willing to fund club sports teams but you need to apply and meet the required criteria before all of the deadlines. If you are attempting to get funding from your school, act right away so you do not miss any deadlines!

Sponsor Fundraising: Cleveland Golf & Srixon and State Traditions

Cleveland Golf & Srixon, NCCGA’s official National Golf Partner, wants to help all NCCGA teams fundraise.  By registering with “Sponsor the Team”, your team gets a unique team code for golf ball sales. Pass this code on to your friends and family for them to order Srixon balls and 25% of all sales will go directly back to funding your team. If your team can sell 26 dozen balls, your $300 membership dues will have already been paid for this Fall! If every member of your team reaches out to friends and family, you can raise a lot of money very quickly.


State Traditions, NCCGA’s official apparel sponsor, can also help teams fundraise. AlNCCGA members can buy State Traditions apparel at 50% off and then re-sell the merchandise on campus. Great fundraising items include shirts, visors, belts, croakies, koozies and more, all customized with your school's colors and state logo. When your team sets up at the student activities fair in the Fall, bring some croakies and koozies and raise money while you recruit!

Local Restaurant or Business Fundraising

Local businesses usually love engaging with college students. Fundraising at a local restaurant is the most traditional method. Call up your local restaurants (ex. Chili’s or Applebees) and see if they can host a promotional night for your team. You will be required to recruit some friends and family to attend the night during the set time. This is easy, just have all your team members invite their roommates, girlfriends, and close friends to go get some appetizers and drinks! After the night is over your team will be given a percentage of the revenue generated from the people who attended for you.

You can also contact other local businesses who might benefit from a partnership. A local golf shop, for example, may be willing to donate a few hundred dollars per semester.

Need help recruiting for you team?

Golf Professionals and Local Courses

Golf professionals and courses usually love to hear that golf is being supported at local colleges. If any of your team members know a golf pro well or your team has a relationship with a course, ask them for help with fundraising!

Hosting a fundraising tournament at a course is a way to increase awareness about your club and raise money. Invite staff, students, and alumni and celebrate golf on your campus. Getting local businesses to donate product that is used for raffles and tournament gifts can be a great draw.

You can also get creative with golf courses if they are willing to support you. One club president, for example, attends a tournament at a local course every year and sells mulligans to players. If a golf pro will allow you to do this at one of his tournaments, you can raise hundreds during a weekend!

Alumni Reach-Out

Alumni of your school donate millions every year. Caleb Bobo, the Kansas University Club Golf President, recently  started an alumni reach-out program that raises over $500 for his team every year. Caleb requires every member of his team to supply 5 names of alumni he/she knows. The team then drafts a letter explaining how their team operates and why they need financial support to continue competing.

Fraternity and Sorority Golf Events

Many of our college golfers are members of greek life on campus. Reach out to the presidents of fraternities and sororities and see if they want to come out and play in a weekend golf tournament hosted by the club golf team. Who knows, maybe you'll find some new players for your team as well!

Team and Family Event

Hosting a team dinner at the beginning or end of the year is a way to engage with parents and raise money. Chose a venue, order the catering, and charge everyone to attend the event. At the event you can give out team awards, host a raffle (items donated from local businesses), and plan how you are going to win your region next semester!

For other ideas on how to fundraise, see NCCGA President Chase Russell's article on putting the "fun" golf fundraising.

 **Tom Thrift graduated from Providence College in 2013 and works with students to start new NCCGA club golf teams. Contact Tom on Twitter @Tthrift