#GOLFIS The Perfect Excuse

For me #GOLFIS...

  1. Therapeutic:  After spending 6 years in the Marine Corps, two of which were spent in different war zones, Golf has given me the opportunity to blow off steam and clear my head.
  2. My Sundays: Golf is how I spend my Sundays. Whether it’s getting out on the course myself, or catching the final day of a PGA Tour tournament, there is nothing I’d rather be doing.
  3. How I get a Tan: Let’s face it, who has time to get to the beach anymore? While it may not be an even tan, spending four hours on the course during a beautiful day is a perfect mix of fun under the sun.
  4. A Perfect Excuse: Whether it’s your cousins baby’s first birthday, or your Great Aunt’s retirement party, Golf has always given me the perfect out. Charity tournament or just another day with your buddies, once I’ve booked that Tee time, there is no backing down, so unfortunately for Little Jimmy, I’m on the course.

By: Josh Patriquin

Twitter: @Josh_Patriquin