Three Tools to Grow College Club Golf on Twitter

NCCGA is one of the fastest growing organizations in all of golf, and who would have thought that a free tool--twitter--would play such a larger part in fueling it? For many of us in NCCGA, setting up a team twitter is second nature if you've been using twitter already to follow the news and stay in touch with friends. However, for those still wondering who still don't know what a # is, I've included some simple tips to help you set up a twitter account for your club team and use it to find other golfers on campus for your team. Here are three tools to get you started today:

  • Buffer allows you to pre-schedule up to 10 tweets at a time throughout the day or week in a one sitting on your desktop computer. One of the challenges we've heard from Regional Coordinators and Club Presidents is that they don't have the time to tweet during the day given their busy schedules. Buffer's free app solves this issue by making it incredibly easy even if you are new to the platform. To see how Buffer works, check out this demo.
  • Feedly feeds you content to tweet. I've set up my feedly to feed me content based on categories such as: college golf, golf, business, entrepreneurship, college life etc. Feedly is especially easy with Buffer's Google Chrome Extension. You can easily make 10 tweets a day using buffer and feedly.
  • Hubspot's twitter guide teaches you how to make your profile look good in addition among many other twitter secrets (see sample twitter profile below). Notice how the picture is such that the golfer is to the left of the images and various strategic @'s are used which are clickable. If you are a Club President (CP) in the Atlantic Region, you should have @NCCGAAtlantic in your profile so people know what region you are part of.


Starting in Spring 2014, all competing NCCGA teams will have active team twitter accounts and be following other teams in their region in addition to their Regional Coordinator to stay up-to-date on the latest and most relevant news across @NCCGA. Below is a list of all Regional Coordinators and NCCGA Leaders who you can follow to stay up-to-date on the latest @NCCGA and @nextgolfer news:



If you have more questions about using twitter to grow club golf, let me know @MikeBelkin11!