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Launched in 2016, Nextgengolf brought the Srixon/Cleveland Golf Ambassador Program to the NCCGA and PGA Team Golf. Now, the PGA of America is using this program to help celebrate our relationship with one of the top golf brands in the country.

The Ambassador program aims to build a community of dedicated golfers who share a passion for Srixon/Cleveland products and plays the product themselves.  The ambassadors:

  • Represent Srixon/Cleveland Golf products at NCCGA and PGA Team Golf events
  • Receive early access to the latest Srixon and Cleveland Golf products 
  • Receive Srixon tour staff shadowing experiences at local PGA Tour tournaments (When applicable)
  • Enjoy "Ambassador only" experiences with Srixon/Cleveland Golf PGA Tour professionals at NCCGA and PGA Team Golf championships
  • Create content for NCCGA, PGA Team Golf and Srixon/Cleveland Golf, including blog articles, social media posts, and testimonial videos
  • Act as an expert on the brand during NCCGA Regional Tournaments, PGA Team Golf events, club meetings, and everything in-between
  • Provide feedback on new product/technology launches, including product reviews
  • Share your love of Srixon/Cleveland Golf from the mountaintops!
2017 srixon ambassadors
2017 Srixon/Cleveland Golf Ambassadors as the Spring NCCGA National Championship with Mike Dunphy and Michael Jolly from Srixon.


  • Adam Marcoulier - Boston, MA
  • Aj Skiba Jr. - Houston, TX
  • Alex David - Binghamton
  • Andrew Schiano - Chicago, IL
  • Blake Kokal -
  • Brenden Morando - New York, NY
  • Bucky Willett - Arkansas
  • Cameron Bosner - Akron
  • Chase Nettles -
  • Chris Chao - New York, NY
  • Chris Mari - Orlando, FL
  • Cody Philips - Providence, RI
  • Coleman Boiling -
  • Connor Hamel -
  • Craig Walton -
  • Daniel Kalianis - Chicago, IL
  • Elliot Shoup-Owens
  • Ethan Trollinger
  • Faheem Amod - Raleigh, NC
  • Garrett Frey - Alabama
  • Greg Garner
  • James Debeskey -
  • Jason Lionberg - IUPUI
  • Jason Figueroa
  • Jon Walter
  • Josh Johns
  • Joshua Oestricher
  • Justin Tyler Shelley
  • Kelby Canada
  • Kyle Kabe
  • Kyle Revall - Denver, CO
  • Lukas Stull - Minneapolis, MN
  • Matthew Carlson - Providence
  • Matthew Weaver
  • Beau Lardner - New York, NY
  • Michael Giorgetti
  • Michael Koomar - Baylor
  • Michael Savage - Miami
  • Mitch Murray - Tampa
  • Nick Bleakley - Philly
  • Nick Fantasia - Lowell, MA
  • Pascal Garneau - Canada
  • Philip Arana
  • Reed Pankratz
  • Ryan Colvin
  • Scott Brinkman - Phoenix, AZ
  • Scott Gardiner
  • Sean B King - Princeton
  • Sean Riffle
  • Seth Glanowski 
  • Tyler Allen - Charlotte, SC
  • Vic Garrison - Raleigh, NC
  • William Cunningham
  • Zach J Mcintosh
  • Zach Senger
  • Zachary Sherwood
Josh Johns

Josh Johns

Handicap: 8
ZX7, ZX5 Combo Set

Profile: Josh is a City Tour player in Cincinnati, and consistently attends National Nextgengolf events such as the City Championship.

Biggest Change: Since switching to Srixon, I definitely have the best looking clubs in my group. I've also convinced some jealous friends to switch as well. The U85 long irons allow me to be confident when staring down a long approach shot, and the ZX7's allow me to dial in the accuracy with my shorter clubs. 

My favorite thing about 2021 was playing Whistling Straits in the City Tour National Championship, because it allowed me to represent my city on a Ryder Cup level course!

Jake Weis Srixon Ambassador

Jake Weis

Handicap: 2.5
Z 785 , U 65, 785 Combo Set, RTX 4

Profile: Jake is the NCCGA Club President and player for the Missouri State University Club Golf Team

Biggest change: The biggest change I have experienced is in the wedge game. Consistency is something I look for in a golf club and nothing is more consistent than the RTX 4. Multiple times in each round I can trust the shot I want to play because I know how the ball is going to react off different types of lies. I would recommend these wedges to any player who wants to take their creativity and control to the next level.

Lastly, the new Z 785 drive is simply unreal. I've never hit a driver that has produces such a high rate of ball speed with such a soft fell at impact. I have picked up a consistent 10+ yards off the tee that has allowed me to reach more 5's and score more with my wedges on shorter par 4's.

Adam Marcoulier Srixon ambassador

Adam Marcoulier

Handicap: 2.9
Z Star XV, U65 (3 iron), Z765 (4-PW) RTX 4

Profile: Adam is the team captain for the 2019 City Tour Championship winning team, the Green Jackets, and is a cross handed golfer

Biggest Change: The biggest change I have experienced with the Cleveland/Srixon products is the consistency I enjoy throughout the bag, especially with the golf ball. I've been playing the ball exclusively for three years now as I haven't found another ball react better in all conditions, especially when its windy. Each and every round I can trust the shot I want to play because I know how my ball is going to react. Consistency is always something I'm looking for in any product regardless of the conditions. This club and ball combo delivers!

2021 ambassadors of the year


Nick Bleakley

Handicap: 1.6

2021 saw the Srixon/Cleveland Ambassador program grow to new heights. Ambassadors represented the brand at Nextgengolf events in over 40 NCCGA regional tournaments, 10 cities locally and Nationally for City Tour and many other events at local clubs and driving ranges.

We are happy to celebrate the 2021 Ambassadors of the year for the program:

Josh Johns (Cincinnati City Tour Ambassasor)

Nick Bleakley (Philadelphia City Tour Ambassador)

Kyle Kabe (Nextgengolf Member)

Congratulations to the ambassador this year and for the dedicated efforts to make sure every golfer knows the benefit in playing Srixon/Cleveland products. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please apply for the program when available. Ambassadors are required to play in Nextgengolf events.




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Srixon and Cleveland Golf have been sponsors of Nextgengolf since 2014 and are excited to support an ambassador program. Since joining forces in 2007, Srixon and Cleveland Golf have continued producing high-quality clubs and golf balls. They have the support of an impressive stable of professional golfers, including:
  • Brooks Koepka

  • Keegan Bradley

  • Cameron Champ

  • Graeme McDowell

  • Hideki Matsuyama

  • J.B. Holmes

  • Shane Lowry

  • Will McGirt

  • Inbee Park

  • Hannah Greene

hideki matsuyama



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