Sean Heintzelman College Golf Interview

Sean Heintzelman is a college golf club member of the Maryland team. Heintzelman won the Capitol Regional Tournament #1, and agreed to do an interview about his golf experiences this season.

Congrats on earning Medalist honors at the college club golf Capitol Regional Tournament #1 Sean. How sweet is that new trophy?

- I think it's a nice quality trophy.  In the future though you should say first place, since medalist often means placed 1st-3rd.  Outside of that it's great for drinking too!

You've been a strong performer in the Capitol Region for the past few seasons, what would you like to accomplish that you have not yet been able to?

- I want my team to win the newer, stronger region. I personally want to break into the 60s once it gets warmer.

I noticed you're close friends with teammate Trey Profili. How has the NCCGA strengthened your friendship off the course?

- I met Trey through club golf, and like many other clubs teams our outside-of-course relationship is strong.  By finding common interests on the golf course, gives you someone to hang out with off the course.

What did you think of the course at Sycamore Creek? Did it suit your eye well, or were you just playing well coming into the event?

-Sycamore creek was very nice, however quite short.  I played well because I was typically was hitting 8-iron or less most holes, so I could hit controlled punch shots that minimized misses.  I had not played since early January so I figured this strategy gave me the best chance.

Take me through all 14 of your clubs. What's in your bag right now? Have there been any recent additions to the bag and what would you say is your most reliable/favorite club?

-Titleist Vokey   54 (115yards), 60(90yards)

-Titleist ZB forged (2009 model)   3-P(215,205,192,180,170,158,148,135 yards)

-Titlest 909H hybrid   19 (230yards)

-Taylormade Rocketballz (2011 model), 15 degree (260 yards)     -----   This is my favorite club because I can work the ball both ways relatively consistently off the tee and controlling trajectory is effortless. (most recent addition)

-Taylormade R11 driver , 9.5 degree (280 yards)

What is your major/class standing/and background in the game of golf?

-I am a senior electrical engineer, and will likely pursue a Masters at UMD in the same field. I started playing golf my junior year of high school, and started competing my senior year.  I have become less competitive in college, but this year I plan to really focus on golf and test my potential.