6 Reasons Why Duquesne Won Oct #ClubGolf Contest

With over 50 #ClubGolf and #GolfStache tweets and Instagram posts in October, Duquesne Club Golf took home the #ClubGolf October prize of a Cleveland wedge and 8 NCCGA #Player shirts. There will be one more monthly winner in November for the best #ClubGolf and #GolfStache tweets and instagrams leading up to the National Championship November 15-16. Iowa State, Duquesne, and the November winner will all be finalists to win the grand prize of free team dues for the spring 2015 semester. Below are six reasons why Duquesne took home the October honors:

#6: Volunteer for the First Tee

Duquesne Club Golf Helps the Local Pittsburgh First Tee

#5: Fresh to Death

#4: Breast Cancer Awareness

#3: Friends on and Off the Course

#2: Savoring Sunset Golf

#1: Fueled by Five Hour

**Cormac Kelly is the Director of Rec Golf for the NCCGA and leading member of the Ohio State Club Golf Team