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It’s Girls Golf Month

This month is Girls Golf month. Similar to how we aim to grow the game of golf by catering to a specific age group often overlooked by the industry, the LPGA and USGA have teamed up to create an initiative and platform for young girls looking to get in the game. It does this...
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How to get a golf handicap –traditional or online?

At Nextgengolf, we get a lot of questions from 18-34 year old golfers about the best options for getting a golf handicap. Although we do not offer handicaps and we do not use or require handicaps in any of our summer tournaments, below are a couple options you may want to consider if you are...
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What a finish – 2015 US Open reaction

Golf's second major of the year proved more climactic than the first, but the same person came out on top. Jordan Spieth emerged as the 2015 US Open Champion with a 5-under score of 275. The victory is Spieth's second consecutive major victory after the Master's in April, and puts him halfway toward a grand...
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2015 U.S. Open Preview – What We Know

There has been so much chatter from players, media, and fans the past several weeks about the “unknown” 2015 U.S. Open venue Chambers Bay in University Place, Washington, right outside of Tacoma. However, there are a number of story lines/facts you will no doubt be able to repeat in your sleep before the first players...
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Club Golf Academy: The Provisional Ball

Each week, I will cover a rule that frequently comes into question during amateur golf tournaments. This weekly Club Golf Academy segment will be covering rules that I believe all NCCGA players should know and understand.

Why play a provisional ball? 

This week’s USGA Rule of the Week is Rule 27; concerning provisional balls. A provisional...

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New Hampshire’s Konkowski Finishes Splendid Summer of Golf

Summer for collegiate club golfers is usually spent bouncing around local tracks and honing the golf game for the upcoming fall season. But for the University of New Hampshire’s C.J. Konkowski, a golden opportunity was presented right at his doorstep. Konkowski, a senior business major at UNH, couldn’t pass up a chance to try and qualify for...
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Cheating in College Golf and Modern Sports

The unprecedented media scrutiny surrounding Tiger's troublesome drop on the 15th at Augusta presents a worthy example of why golf differs from other sports as it pertains to cheating, flopping, and doing whatever it takes to get the W.  People often refer to golf as a "gentleman's game" because unlike other sports where the referees...
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Will Anchoring Affect College Golf?

Taking the golf world by surprise this past November, the USGA proposed a controversial decision to prohibit anchored strokes starting in 2016. While it may surprise the recreational college golfer, many tour pros have anchored putters over the past 30 years, and thus USGA’s decision “makes sense” in that various other forms of putting—including Sam...
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