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Club Golf Academy: Ball at Rest Moved

This week, Club Golf Academy will address what happens when your ball moves, either by accident, the fault of your playing partner, or Mother nature. For example, what would happen if a fox ran onto the green, scooped up your ball off of the green, and ran away with it, sort of like this: Read more

NCCGA Tips: 8 Ways to Improve Your Club

NCCGA tips are meant to help teams organize and run more efficiently. I know that  the club president's job can be very time demanding and difficult at times. Through my tenure as president of the University of Florida Club Golf Team, I have constantly attempted to find more effective ways to get the job done....
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College Golf: 5 Benefits to having an A & B Team

Over the years, high schools and middle schools have adopted a two-tier system with  junior-varsity and varsity teams to help build their programs. By following this system, junior varsity player get ample practice time while still being able to develop in a competitive setting.  This allows golfers to build up their confidence...

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