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Try Less: A Method to Phil Mickelson’s Madness?

Phil Mickelson is quite possibly the most enigmatic golfer on tour. Be it his Houdini-esk tricks with the wedge, a seemingly different putting style each week, or an inexplicable driver from the rough, Phil never backs down from anything on the golf course but often gets in his own way at the US Open where...
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Merion’s U.S. Open: The Three-Act Test

As I eagerly await restart of play on Thursday morning of our national championship, I begin to question how low these craftsmen of steel and iron can really go.

In the 2011 U.S. Open, young stud Rory McIlroy astounded the golf world with his runaway, eight shot...

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College Golf Represented at Merion: Three Bears on the Loose

One of the great distinctions between the U.S Open and the other 3 majors in golf is the qualification process. It’s more open to amateur than the Masters, but still, we see a star-studded field. But among those stars, including this year, we’ll see some college golf amateurs as well. Read more

Merion’s “Big Three” for US Open

Each year, the US Open forces players to grind unlike any other tournament on the PGA Tour. Thick rough, firm fairways, and fast greens force each player to give every shot the attention it deserves. Thus, the US Open leads to an abundance of high scores each year.  After spending the last three days at...
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