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Golf Is A Sport We Love

#GOLFIS more than just a sport. It is more than competitions and winning. To me, golf is about playing a great sport with great people and having a great time. Others often overlook the game of golf, claiming it doesn’t take much skill or thought. If only I could prove them wrong more often. Golf is a...
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Golf Is Not Boring

#GOLFIS passion. As anybody that has played golf for a significant amount of time will tell you, golf is many things. Golf is creative, ever-changing, a sport, competition, leisure, fun, relaxing… I could go on. At the end of the day, the one word that sums up all of those attributes the best is passion. Golf is...
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Golf is a Sport Unlike Any Other

Coming from a lifetime of participation in team sports, college was a rough transition due to the difficulties of free time. It seemed that whenever I had some time aside to get a pickup game of soccer or basketball going, everyone was busy. That’s where the golf course and range came in. Whenever I had...
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