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5 Pre Round Golf Stretches

Year after year, professional golfers are being injured by overworking muscles and ligaments in their body.  Golf stretches are a key way to keep yourself from being injured. We've put together a few super easy golf stretches in a routine for you to incorporate before your next round. Here is a quick 5-minute routine of golf...
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Three Ways to Promote Golf Through Fitness

WEAREGOLF is a coalition golf industry leaders who have come together to promote the significant benefits the game of golf brings to the US economy. One initiative of WEAREGOLF focuses on the health and wellness benefits of the game. It is hard to believe that walking a round of golf burns approximately 2350...

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Be Fit like Tiger: College Golf Workout #1

For the first Nextgengolf fitness post, who better to start with than the man who revolutionized modern fitness in the golf industry: Tiger Woods.  Tiger's fitness evolution is extraordinary not only because of the the influence it has had in changing the way the majority of professional and college golfers now hit the gym, but also...
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