3 Benefits of Being a Club Golf Regional Coordinator

Each year the NCCGA runs more than 100 club golf tournaments all across the country.The events range from 20-100 college golfers, and provide students an opportunity to play competitively against fellow non-varsity golfers. These tournaments wouldn't happen without the hard work of student Regional Coordinators. These students are members of their school's club golf team, and help make each region a success.

Applications are currently being accepted for 2016 Regional Coordinators. These positions last one calendar year (Spring and Fall NCCGA seasons), and are open to all club golfers. Why should you be a regional coordinator? Here's 3 benefits of the position:

1) Influence on the Region

If you have ideas on how to improve your region's tournaments, now is your chance! Regional Coordinators help organize and coordinate two tournaments each semester, and have a significant impact on the experience for all the students. The coordinators work closely with the course pro and Nextgengolf staff to ensure the tournament is properly set-up and run. Student leaders also receive the opportunity to weigh-in on important NCCGA decisions, such as new rules, possible nationals locations, and more.

2) Resume Builder

Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior, the real world is not too far away. If you're looking to gain valuable leadership experience, a stint as regional coordinator would be a good addition to the resume. Previous regional coordinators have gone on to receive internships with the AJGA, HJGT, NFL, and more, thanks in part to the experience and skills learned during their year leading the region.

3) Club Golf SWAG

One word: SWAG. Regional Coordinators help make the NCCGA successful, and as a result Nextgengolf and its sponsors like to reward them for their hardwork. Regional Coordinators have previously received Srixon Z-Star golf balls, a Cleveland wedge, Oxford golf shirts, an OGIO backpack, a pair of New Balance golf shoes, GPS watch, and more. You'll look your best and make the rest of your team, and the region, jealous of your swag!

2016 Regional Coordinator Application

Want to learn more about the benefits of serving as Regional Coordinator? Here's a couple testimonials from the 2015 season.

"Serving as an RC has been a very rewarding experience. You're really given a lot of responsibility for your age, and it forces you to mature and develop good management skills. Aside from the professional benefits, you also get TONS of free swag. Finally, you're largely responsible for the NCCGA's success: without you, running regional tournaments would be extremely difficult, and that experience of helping others enjoy the game of golf is what really made the position great for me." - Chris Coughlan, Capitol Region

“Being a regional coordinator is a great experience. I was able to network myself with an abundance of other young professionals and make numerous friends along the way. Knowing you play a role in the growth of the game is one of the many benefits of holding this position.” - David Olson, North Region

Any interested students can apply at the link above. Have questions on workload, position requirements, or anything else? Please shoot an e-mail to travis@nccga.org, and I'd be happy to help answer your questions! Happy Holidays!

**Travis Richardson is an NCCGA Regional Director, and helps grow club golf on the East to West Coast. Contact Travis on Twitter @travis_richson.