Q&A With Club Golf’s Finest in the Northwest

Player Interview- Marcus Montague (Medalist) 77-75= 152

Bio: Marcus Montague- Junior at University of Idaho- Professional Golf Management

Question 1: Favorite Club from the weekend?

  • 9 Iron, I hit it a lot and some of my best shots of the tournament were hit with my 9 Iron

Question 2: What played into your great weekend of golf?

  • Ball striking was a huge key to success this weekend for me. Pure shots most of both rounds.

Question 3: How did you prepare for this tournament?

  • Played twice earlier this week, and took course management advice from friends who had played the course before.

Team Interview- University of Idaho (A) Brandon Drake Team President

Question 1: How did you guys prepare for this tournament?

  • Most guys prepared just by simply playing our home course but even that really didn't help us for what we had to play in. Harbour Pointe golf course was extremely wet and the ball did not fly very far and that was a tough adjustment to make from the course we were practicing on.

Question 2: Who makes up your team?

  • Most of our players our in the University of Idaho's professional golf management program but we do have a few that are just students who like playing golf.

Question 3: How does it feel to be the first team from your Region to get a bid to the National Championship?

  • It feels amazing to be the first team to represent the Northwest Region at the National Championship! We were very disappointed we didn't make it in the fall so we worked hard to recruit more players and more teams for our region so we could have an automatic bid from our region and my team and I are very excited to be the first automatic bid out of our region.

***Adam Englehorn is the NCCGA Northwest Coordinator and can be reached @NCCGANorthwest.