NCCGA Leadership Testimonials

What is it like to be on the NCCGA Leadership Team?

Kevin Hamori – President 2013

The NCCGA President Position has provided me with the opportunity to develop Leadership, Communication and Time Management skills within a Real World setting.  The Presidency position is unlike any other Leadership position I have been a part of, or seen within my collegiate experience.  Within my role I had the opportunity to interact, manage, and build personal relationships with 18 different Student Ambassadors located from California all the way to Massachusetts.  This autonomous role also gave me the chance to direct and manage different initiatives throughout the whole Association.  This autonomous role and the idea that I could make a lasting impression on so many individuals was the highlight of this experience but it didn’t come without some lessons learned.  Working with essentially a virtual Leadership team tested my communication skills, and I quickly learned that constant, timely, and clear communication was going to be essential.  It wasn’t until the last week of April 2013 that I really understood what this position was all about.  Standing there, in front of 14 teams and 8 Individuals, it thought back on all I had accomplished and the person I had become.  It was at that moment that I knew all my hard work and personal development had paid off.   The Presidency position has given me the skills, and experiences necessary to secure top notch internships and Full Time jobs.  Being selected as the President of the NCCGA has not only been my most practical achievement, but also my proudest.  As President of the Association, I have developed not just relationships, but friendships with hundreds of people that I am certain will last a lifetime.

Matt Weinberger – President 2011 & 2012

Serving on the NCCGA Student Leadership team helped me gain valuable leadership experience.  I was able to leverage this opportunity to bolster my resume which ultimately helped me earn a corporate internship with Procter & Gamble.  During my interview process, the interviewers did not ask questions about my grades or projects; rather, they asked about my leadership experience as the Midwest Student Ambassador and how I led and grew a Region of 8 teams.  Displaying leadership during your college years is a great way to get a step-up on your competition in the job market.  I strongly recommend getting involved with the NCCGA to leverage your skills, grow your own capabilities, and interact with NCCGA leaders across the country.

Demi Delia – Metro Student Ambassador 2013

The NCCGA Student Ambassador position has meant more to me than just a leadership position. It has almost been a dream come true to work with an organization that provides the ultimate golfing experience to club teams in our nation. I have achieved a lot of analytical and leadership experience through the many tasks that were put into creating and running the Metro region. This opportunity has enhanced my skills, talent and abilities in not only leadership and time management but more importantly has helped me develop and function my own golf club. Since becoming the Metro RC, it has given me advantageous skills needed for the growth of Montclair State Club Golf, which has been so important to me. I am a self-motivated person, so being a part of the NCCGA has helped me improve in the many skills I have to offer for the position. I wanted to take on the job of the Metro RC because I knew it would provide me an experience I need to further my career with management and also help me with the tasks needed to improve my golf club. The RC position differs from my past leadership experiences because not only am I in charge on an entirely new region and how it will function but I also have a different passion for it than my past experiences. It has shown me the management and leadership skills needed to run a successful region and unlike my past leadership experiences, the RC position has given me a better idea of what I want as a career and an experience that is highly respected in the career world. I think the necessary skills needed to perform the RC job would be an energetic person with mainly firm leadership abilities. As well as, strong managing, communication, time-management and planning skills. Someone who is proactive and willing to take the constant initiative into helping their region grow through word of mouth and social media, but more importantly someone who has a passion for golf and who wants to help grow and improve the NCCGA. Most of all, I enjoyed the people I have meet and relationships I have made with many clubs in my region. I have made friendships with players from all around the Metro region and have set up friendly matches that we all enjoy. I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to work with a group of committed people to help this organization evolve as a whole but I am also grateful to be given this opportunity to be responsible for managing one of the newest regions in the NCCGA, Metro.

Nick Reynolds – Midwest Student Ambassadors 2013

The NCCGA Student Ambassador role has given me a unique opportunity to develop my professional skills while building great personal relationships in the process.  Since taking over the Midwest RC role two semesters ago, I have enhanced my abilities as a leader by serving in a dynamic region that is constantly growing and evolving from the great efforts by the NCCGA and CollegeGolfPass core team. This position differs from many other leadership roles because it provides me the platform to work with an extremely ambitious core group to improve the organization as a whole while providing me the autonomy to manage the operations within my region. My experiences in this position have been the primary talking points in many of my interviews because of the great responsibility and applicable career skills it has afforded me. I knew that this position was going to advance my career development, but what really appealed to me was the opportunity to build great friendships with many students across the country.  In my experience, I think that the necessary skills to be a great RC are effective and consistent communication with all ends of the organization, efficient time-management by utilizing the people and resources around you, and forming relationships to advance my personal growth as well as the growth of the organization.

Matt Brugner – Texas Student Ambassador 2013

The opportunity to be a NCCGA Student Ambassador has been a honor and a blessing. As a Student Ambassador, I have the unique privilege of providing a great experience to my region's teams. I have improved my leadership, communication, and planning skills during my time with NCCGA. The job has prepared me for the next step in my collegiate, and ultimately professional life. The lessons I have learned are invaluable. You have a huge input with the national organization and with your respective team presidents. There is no better feeling than putting together a great, competitive golf tournament that everyone enjoys. A great student ambassador always strives to improve his or her region. Never settle for "as good as last time." Keep improving your personal skills and the region and you will reap amazing benefits. I highly recommend the student ambassador position to any driven collegiate golfer who has a passion for excellence and improvement in the NCCGA.

David Urmacher – Atlantic Student Ambassador 2013

The NCCGA Student Ambassador position gave me a heightened level of responsibility more so than any other leadership position I have had previously. With that responsibility, I was able to find out the best ways I could lead an organization that spanned up to four states and twelve college campuses. Employers in almost every interview I have had asked me about the Student Ambassador position and I always tell them one thing: "I applied for the position because I have a passion for the game of golf. But I realized at the end, the NCCGA strived to help my personal and professional development in many ways other collegiate-level leadership positions do not have the capability to do." The skills I learned gave me the advantage I needed to help me land a high-profile internship and a great deal of confidence moving forward in my career.

Victoria Leon – California Student Ambassador 2013

The work I have done as a NCCGA Student Ambassador has greatly enhanced my college experience. Along with great memories, I’ve become responsible for many more things and have improved my time management and multi-tasking skills. I have also learned to reach outside of my comfort zone and to take initiative, which is probably the most important thing a college student can learn to do. What’s great about being a Student Ambassador is that it enabled me to grow and to exercise my leadership skills onto a larger number of people, both on the regional and national levels. It’s one thing to be a leader on your club team at school, but to be able to hold a golf leadership position on a larger scale is even more rewarding. I initially wanted to be a Student Ambassador to add a competitive aspect to my club team and to add another position to my resume, but I ended up learning what goes into organizing and running golf tournaments and have gained important administrative and leadership skills that will be very useful in future employment and other endeavors. Being a good Student Ambassador is no simple task. You need to be patient but persistent, strict but flexible, responsible, punctual, and you really need to possess a passion for golf and competition. If you have any of these attributes and want to take your leadership skills to the next level, you should definitely look into the Student Ambassador position. Take initiative and apply!