Best Golf Apps You’ll Actually Use

Written By: Kris Hart | @collegegolfguy

I wrote an article in January 2016 titled “5 Lessons learned at the PGA Show”, which included a statement stating that there are just too many golf apps out there. Many of which attempt to do the same functions as the other, with only minor improvements over the existing apps.

While my stance on the number of apps has not changed, but thought I would use this article to highlight a few golf apps that actually solve problems for golfers.

Problem: Keeping Track of your Handicap for free

Solution: The Grint

Lets face it, paying $50 to track a handicap in golf using GHIN with poor technology is a waste of money. I am a very traditional golfer and believe in the golf handicapping system, but as a millennial consumer, I can speak that this generation does not see the value in paying $50 to type numbers into a system which calculates a formula.

After college when I stopped playing in competitive events, there was no reason for me to keep a handicap any longer. I still played golf and loved the game, but my game was not at the level needed to retain a GHIN handicap and pay the fee. Step in the Grint, a solution for golfers to track their handicap at no cost to the consumer. The interesting thing about the Grint is that there is no cost, you can take a picture of your scorecard instead of manually typing in scores, the mobile/web technology is quite strong, and the handicap is officially recognized by the USGA. I was skeptical at first, but over the last 3 years I have played in a few competitive events and my Grint handicap has been accepted at every event. If you are someone that does not understand the handicap system or does not want to pay the $50 fee to track your scores, the Grint is a great solution to your problem.

More info on The Grint

golfer phone homescreen appsProblem: I don't have anyone to play with at my age or skill level

Solution: GolfMatch

If you are a new golfer, new to a city, or an avid player that’s not a member of a club, finding players that are of your age, skill level, or share the same habits can be difficult. Most people are fortunate to have golf friends, but if you are one of those people that is a golf nut and wants to play with new people or select the people you play with before going to the course, I have an App for you.

GolfMatch is an interesting company that has figured out a simple way to connect golfers together by aggregating data about golfers and presenting opportunities for golfers to connect virtually and play together in person. I am a member of a men’s club public golf course so finding a normal game during the week is fairly easy, but if I am traveling to a new area and looking for a game with people I actually want to play with, or looking for players to join my City Tour team, GolfMatch helps me. By going on GolfMatch I can discover new courses to play in the area, find people around me to play and book a tee time directly on the app. If you are someone newer to the game, on the road looking for a match, and just looking to find new interesting people to play with GolfMatch makes it easy to connect with other golfers locally.

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Problem: Keeping track of side games on the course

Solution: 18birdies

Like many of you, I am a big fan of having a friendly match on the golf course for a few bucks. Depending on who you play with, dots for sandies, birdies, barkies, polies, and whatever else can get overwhelming.

This app is primarily known for their GPS technology, but I have found their side game functionality to be of most useful for me and my friends. When you download the app, you can easily add your friends into the app and keep track of the wagers you have on the course. I recently used the app on a buddies golf trip where there was 16 of us playing 54 holes in 3 days. Keeping track of the tab on who owes who money was difficult and this app helped us keep track of our $1 bets. It shouldn’t be too hard to keep track of this stuff, but many of you who still use the pen and paper to keep track of bets on a buddies golf trip should start using 18birdies.

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