4 reasons your club needs custom golf shirts

Written By: Matt Weinberger | @bergsUD

There's just something about a team wearing matching custom golf shirts that really sets the tone as soon as they step on the golf course. The whole team is wearing its school colors, team logo in the corner, and other teams take notice. While there's nothing wrong with a team not having uniforms, it certainly makes a difference.

We're lucky here at Nextgengolf to be partners with Oxford Golf. The partnership means all NCCGA and City tour teams (and individuals) are able to get insane pricing on custom golf shirts. For teams that need more convincing, here's four reasons your club team should be rocking matching team gear on the course.

1) It looks legitsouth carolina custom golf shirts

Everyone knows a well-dressed team when they see one. Be the team that has the team shirts and the trophy at the end of the weekend.

2) Get it custom

Many club teams make their own logo or get permission to use their university logo. Nothing looks better than repping your school. Check out the South Carolina club golf team's shirts.

3) Stripes or Solids

Oxford Golf has every type of men’s and women’s polos. Whether you are looking for traditional cotton or a performance material, Nextgengolf members have special pricing for all apparel on the Oxford Golf website

4) Get them fast

Using Oxford Golf to get team polos ensures great quality shirts, free logo set up, and a fast turnaround. Need it before the season? They can help.

For over a year now, Oxford Golf has been the official apparel partner of Nextgengolf. Club teams from across the country have been taking advantage of high quality performance polos and jackets at special member pricing.

Ready to make your order, or add some jackets onto your existing stock? Check out the Nextgengolf member deals page for more info.