Top 10 TotalGolfMoves

Serious golfers--those who understand the game and it's culture--comprise a cult who live for golf and everything it stands for. Harvey Penick, legendary golf instructor and mentor to the great Ben Crenshaw, captured the essence of the golf cult in the title of his second book "And If You Play Golf, You're My Friend." Fast forward a few decades and the lingo and lifestyle of Millennial-aged golfers is now being captured on Twitter by @TotalGolfMove_. It's my pleasure to bring you the top 10 #TGMs.

10) Punched Greens

I experienced this feeling first hand at our Spring 2014 NCCGA National Championship when we found out the greens had been punched a couple weeks prior and were not fully healed. Tiger's look of utter devastation aptly sums up our frustration.

9) Club Twirl

Club-twirl leading to stiff shot = #TGM

8) Rock Flites

  • Slice a new Srixon out of bounds
  • Don't want to waste another brand new Z Star
  • Grab the Rock Flite buried at the bottom of your bag
  • Crush it down the middle since everyone is a scratch golfer when they don't care


7) Got Short Game?

Streaky putters may contest this, but when the pressure is on, you either have it or you don't.

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6) Driving Range Dilemma

I'd prefer to avoid the driving range all together before rounds. Unless you play every day and know what you're doing, the average player is better off heading straight to the first tee #ReadyGolf

5) Topped Shot

Only bested by the dreaded shank, everyone remembers the last time they dribbled one off the tee.

4) Tiger!

I'll make this face if/when Tiger wins another major.

3) Romo

Maybe Romo should have stuck with golf, dude nearly qualified for the U.S. Open once.

2) No slow play

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1) #GolfStrut

If only we could bottle that feeling up...

**Mike Belkin is a Co-Founder of Nextgengolf.