Cleveland Golf’s HB1 Putter Big Add to Your Bag?

In a recent Golf WRX article, senior writer Ronald Montesano reviewed the newest Cleveland Golf Classic Collection HB 1 Putter. Lets break down the review and see if this is a short stick worth adding to your bag…

“Pros & Performance: The Cleveland Classic HB 1 costs only $99, yet it offers the clean look and soft feel of more expensive putters. It’s available in two finishes, black pearl and the satin chrome. I suspect (but cannot prove) that the Cleveland Classic HB 1 Black Pearl is one of the most solid blocks of metal on the business end of a putter. Try as I might, I could not find a hot spot nor a weak one. Mind you, aberrant toe and heel hits will certainly result in diminished returns, but any strike near the center line will come off with consistency.”

Tour model putters can leave your pockets feeling a little empty, so if you are like most college students, the HB 1 may be just the right mix of performance and price. Too often golfers are obsessed with buying the new drivers and adding distance to the long game when the putter is the club you probably use most often. This simple, mallet putter with a milled face can give your short game some much needed love. And if it turns out it isn’t the one for you, well I’m sure you have a younger sibling or friend who will be happy to take it off your hands.

“Cons: No removable weights, but what do you expect for less than $100? The 340-gram head weight is trending on the light side for modern putters, particularly in the 33- and 34-inch lengths. What we don’t know is how long the grip will last, keep in mind two things: the softer the grip, the less durable it is. However, since putting involves little of the torque found in the full swing, this Winn grip should wear down much slower.”

The putter-grip market has been blowing up recently with the Fatso putter grip changing the art of putting for golfers of all skill levels. The grip shouldn’t be the deciding factor in buying any putter or not, but if you plan on keeping the stock grip on there it is one you have to be comfortable with.

Bottom Line: Give it a shot! For $100, this putter could cure your case of the yips with a light head that is easy and quiet through the putting zone. As with any club, give it a demo on the course after you practice and see how you get it rolling out there. You never know, the HB 1 Black Pearl may be your most important tool on the #RoadToJersey!

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