Golf Course Owners FAQs

What is the difference between CollegeGolfPass and Nextgen Collegiate?
The organizations are one in the same. CollegeGolfPass is now a Nextgen Collegiate membership within the Nextgengolf platform.
What does is cost me?
There is no upfront or ongoing cost for the golf course to participate in Nextgen Collegiate.
What price should I offer students?
Each course controls their own rate. We recommend that courses offer both 9 and 18 hole rates (many students only have time for 9 holes during the week). Most courses extend Junior rates for Nextgen Collegiate Members. Although there is no requirement on pricing, lower pricing will result in more college students playing your facility resulting in greater overall revenue.
What do other courses offer?
Nextgengolf works with $15 municipal courses and $125 championship facilities. Typically courses offer 45% off their standard greens fees as college students have a limited budget.
Can I restrict the times when students can play?
Yes, courses have full discretion over their tee time inventory and can restrict the time Nextgen Members can receive their collegiate rate. Nextgengolf is NOT a third-party tee time re-seller.
Can I change my pricing throughout the year?
Yes, you can log into the Nextgen portal and change your pricing at any time.
Can I end the agreement anytime?
Yes, you have the ability to participate or leave the program as a partner course at any time.
How does my staff know if a student is a Nextgen member?
Students show their mobile membership badge on their phone at the golf course and their college ID.
How will my staff know about Nextgen and our college rate?
We will send you detailed marketing materials to educate your staff and keep at the cashier at all times.
How do you verify students?
We verify student status online through a third party with their .edu email address, plus students are required to show their active student ID when checking in at the golf course.
What happens if two students come to play and one is a member and one is not?
The student member receives the Nextgen Collegiate Rate, the non-member pays the standard rack rate.
How many golfers should I expect?
In 2013 some Nextgen (FNA CollegeGolfPass) course partners recorded thousands of collegiate rounds while others only had a few students come to play. The number of Nextgen players you will receive is a function of the rate you offer. If you receive no additional play from our program, you nonetheless still receive free online marketing boosting your SEO and on-campus marketing at no cost.
How is this advertised/marketed?
We market directly through collegiate channels both online and on-campus (we have members at 500+ campuses).
Where are your course partners located?
CollegeGolfPass originated in Boston and expanded nationwide with the NCCGA merger and transition to Nextgengolf. See a full partner course map.
If I am a partner course, how do I host tournaments?
Nextgen will host 100+ NCCGA tournaments alone for the 2014 season. Tournaments will occur in all areas of the country in our 23 NCCGA regions. You will see upcoming tournaments in your region on the Nextgengolf portal