Not Your Typical Women’s College Golf Experience

Demi Delia is not your average college student. Not only had Demi created the Montclair State University club golf team which she is still the president of, but she has taken on an even greater leadership role of the rapidly growing NCCGA Metro Region.  We got the chance to know Demi at the NCCGA National Championship where she spend the weekend volunteering with us and filled us in on her experiences this fall and what's in store over the summer.

What did you learn as a Regional Coordinator in the spring?

I learned that you have to be SUPER organized going into tournaments. At the first Regional Tournament I gave the wrong trophy to someone and you have to be super organized going into tournaments. I know that simple things that go into prepping are huge and that you can't depend on other people to get the job done for me.  Also being the only woman college golfer on my team leading mostly male golfers has been a little intimidating so I learned that being decisive and not second my guessing myself.  I know there are other women college golfers leading other NCCGA Regions out there so it's nice not being the only one! On the whole, this leadership experience has been huge for my confidence and growth.

What are your goals to improve the Metro Region in the fall?

I want more well known schools such as Princeton and other D1 schools to get involved so we can have more competition in the region. The past 3 semesters Rutgers Club Golf has been dominating the region so I am excited to get other big schools to provide a more even playing field. I would also like to see more women college golfers get involved in the region as well!

Summer Internship?

I got an internship with Brand Partnerships at Atlantic Records in NYC.  I'm shadowing one of the directors in the division and doing a lot of social media work with the artist they work with performing mainly marketing based tasks involving relationships with other brands.

Did NCCGA Help you Get the Job?

It definitely helped me get the job as it showed a lot of leadership qualities with the NCCGA on top of running the Montclair club golf team as well.

Any other Thoughts on the NCCGA?

I want to help more teams take advantage of the benefits NCCGA provides. Our club golf team sold 22 dozen golf balls through Sponsor the Team. We have been collecting orders at the end of May and are excited to get some help with team fundraising going into the fall season.

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