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Sept. 10/11 Scheduled Events

Central Atlantic

Regions: Colonial, Capitol, Philly, Metro
Date: Sept 10th & 11th
Location: Hooper's Landing GC, Seaford, DE
Cost: $100 per player

East Coast

Regions: New England, N. New England, Metro, Northeast
Date: Sept 10th & 11th
Location: Crestview Country Club, Agawam, MA
Cost: $100 per player

National Championship

Participants: Winning Team in Each Match Play Tournament
Date: TBD (early-mid January)
Location: TBD (Southeast US)
Cost: TBD


  • What: 36-hole match play tournaments
  • When & Where: September 2016 (see above for specific dates)
  • For Who: NCCGA students
  • Format: Each match-play tournament will pit "teams" made up of various club golfers against one another. Players can come from any NCCGA school in the region (first-come, first-serve).
  • Cost: $100 per player
  • Includes: 36-holes of tournament golf (carts included), range balls, commemorative glass, Srixon golf balls, sponsor gift cards, prizes, and more.

Nextgengolf is excited to present the 2016 Match Play Challenge this September exclusively for NCCGA club golf teams! There will be two (2) tournaments on the weekend of September 10/11. Each tournament will pit "teams" representing their NCCGA region/area against one another. The teams will compete in 36-holes of head-to-head match play over 2-days to determine a champion.

Participants can be club teams, a group, a pair of golfers, or just yourself! Your club team does not have to play for the members to take part.

Note: These tournaments are completely separate from NCCGA regional events, and will have no bearing on nationals qualifying or regional standings.

National Championship

Once all 4 match play tournaments are complete, we will look to host a National Championship amongst the four winning teams. The championship will tentatively take place in early January, and be located in the Southeastern United States (due to weather). Schedules and locations will be coordinated with the winning teams. More information on this will be released later.

What's Next?

Please RSVP using the form on this page. Once you RSVP, an invoice will be emailed to you. Check your spam folder if you don't see it. Let Travis Richardson ( know if you have any questions, issues, feedback, etc.

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What is the format?

Each tournament will pit four teams of up to 12 players against each other in a bracket match play competition. Day 1 will have Team A v. Team B, and Team C v. Team D. Day 2 will then have the winner of A/B v. the winner of C/D.

Each match will pit the team's corresponding seeds against each other. Each group will consist of 2 players from each team. For example, Team A's 1 and 2 players in the same group as Team B's 1 and 2 player each playing their separate seeded match

Can I register as an individual?

Yes. We have 12 open spots on each team, and any combination of players can compose the team.

Ex) 12 players on the South Region team can be made up of 2 Auburn, 4 Alabama, 5 Tennessee, and 1 Vanderbilt golfer.

What is included in the tournament costs?

The tournament costs include 2 rounds of golf (36-holes), golf cart, range balls, commemorative glass, Srixon golf balls, OGIO gift card, Srixon gift card, closest to pin and longest drive prizes, and more.

How are the individual matches set up?

Each team will have up to 12 players, ranked 1 through 12.  The number 1 player from team one will play the number 1 player on team two in an individual match play 18-hole match and so on down through the 12th ranked players.

Winning an individual match gives a team 1 point, a halve wins .5 points, and a loss earns 0 points.  Seeds will be determined based on NCCGA scoring average.

Is this an NCCGA regional event?

No. These match play tournaments are completely separate from NCCGA regional tournaments. These events will not affect or have any bearing on qualifying for Nationals, or regional standings. This is an optional event for any club golfers that would like to participate.

How is the tournament seeding selected?

After registering for the tournament, all participating players will provide their average score and/or handicap. The NCCGA tournament average will also be used to determine seeding for each team.

Can players be re-seeded after round 1?

Absolutely, but all requests must be received during the scoring process after round 1 to ensure tee times can be sent to the course as soon as possible

How many players can a school bring?

A school can bring anywhere from 1-12 players to their region's match play tournament. Registration will stay open until all of the maximum 12 spots are filled.

How do I qualify for the Match Play Championship?

The Matchplay Championship is scheduled for the first week of January.  The winning team in each tournament will receive a bid.

How does this affect NCCGA Nationals qualifying?

It does not. This is a completely separate event from NCCGA regional tournaments, and has no effect on qualifying for nationals, or regional standings.

Who is eligible to play?

Any student that meets the NCCGA's eligibility requirements is eligible to play in the Fall Match Play tournaments.

Is lodging included?

No. In an effort to keep costs low, lodging is not included for the tournaments. This allows teams the freedom to choose the lodging that best fits their budget/needs. Teams and/or regions are free to book a hotel or an AirBNB if they want to lodge together.

How do we reserve our spot?

Reserve your spot in the Fall Match Play tournament by completing the RSVP form. Once your team/group/individual fills out the RSVP form, and invoice will be sent. The invoice will include a deadline. Golfers that do not pay by the deadline will forfeit their spot in the tournament, and it will be given to the next golfers on the list.

What's the tie-breaker if teams win the same number of points?

If teams earn the same amount of points through the matches, the following tie-breakers will be used in order:

  1.  Team that recorded the most number of head-to-head wins
  2.  The team who has the best seeded head-to-head victory (example - Ranked 1 player wins match outright)

Travis Richardson
NCCGA Director