Club Golfer Climbs in Water to Retrieve Golf Ball

Written By: Travis Richardson | @travis_richson

The journey to the NCCGA National Championship is an intense one. The competition is fierce, and was even more fierce in the Midwest Region. Due to weather difficulties, the region was forced to hold a one weekend, 36-hole, winner take it all tournament.

A member of the Ferris State club golf team wasn't gonna let a little water get in his team's way of qualifying.

Michael Madden of the FSU club golf team hit an errant tee shot on Hole #16 of Eagle Eye Golf Club in Michigan. It missed the fairway and instead landed on little island located next to the fairway. What was he to do?

He stripped down, grabbed his club of choice, and started swimming.

What was he thinking?

"My thoughts were that I really hope I find my ball or I'm going to look like an idiot," Madden said. "It was nearing dinner time, I hope there are no animals in the water or I'm going home without an arm but I hopped in anyways."

The hard work ended up being for naught. Madden climbed onto the island, and spotted a goose next to several golf balls. The decision then became to try and hit the ball, or stay safe from bodily harm. The decision was a simple one: Swim back and take a drop.

"Tough decision I know but I think I chose wisely and let it be," Madden said. "After a drop I ended up making a 7, but with a great story to tell of course."

The overall story ended well though. Madden's score from both days counted towards the Ferris State's team score. The FSU team won the tournament, won the region, and clinched a bid to the NCCGA National Championship in West Virginia.