How can varsity golf help club golf?

Grow the Game - Increase Recruitment

Why should College Coaches Care about Club Golf?

  • There are 225,000 High School Golfers that play competitive golf, only 10,000 of those golfers play in College.
  • An NCCGA club team can act as a “JV” team and help with your recruitment efforts
  • Students who may get cut from your program can continue to develop while playing competitive golf
  • Club teams are student lead and will not add to your workload
  • It's for the good of the game!


Facts about the NCCGA

  • With over 10K members, we are now larger than NCAA varsity golf with 28 regions across the US and will host 110+ collegiate events in 2016
  • The NCCGA gives non-varsity college golfers an opportunity to interact and compete on a regional and national level
  • All non-NCAA teams can compete in NCCGA events


Support non-varsity college golf by referring any students you had to cut or turn away. We can help get them involved in a club golf team on campus. Contact us and we will do all the work!


Golfer In maroon teeing off at the hole
Club golf Tom Duty

Tom Duty - Former Pro Golfer

What the NCCGA has established is something that I think every university/college should take notice of.  Giving players a chance to compete in tournaments with other schools on a non-varsity level is a very special thing.

Women's College Golf

Laura Kanouse - University of Florida Golf Team

Club golf has been a catalyst in my golf career because it provided me competition when I would not have had it.

josh heinze trophy

Josh Heinze - Michigan State University Golf Team

I thought my college playing career was done when I went to Michigan State. However, playing in the NCCGA tournaments allowed me to prove myself and show the coach at Michigan State that I was still capable of playing golf at the highest level.