City Tour Championship – Delaware Club Golf Summer Squad Team Profile

We wanted to get to know a few of the team captains that have organized and led their team all the way to the City Tour Championship at Cog Hill in a couple weeks. Here we have Matt Hahn, from the Philly City Tour Delaware Team, who was kind enough to answer some questions.

Q. How did you get involved with Nextgengolf?

A: I got involved with Nextgengolf by joining the Club Golf Team at the University of Delaware my freshman year. I'm now a junior and serve as the President of the team.

Q: How long have you been playing golf?

A: I've been playing seriously since about 10th grade.

Q: What's your favorite course you've ever played?

A: It would have to be either the Punta Cana Resort Course in Punta Cana or the Ritz Carlton Grand Lakes course in Florida.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about the City Tour?

A: I've enjoyed getting to play a wide variety of courses while meeting a wide variety of people. Each event is a new and memorable experience that shares golf as a common denominator.

Q: What are you looking forward to about the City Championship?

A: The team and I are looking forward to the courses the most - Cog Hill should be absolutely incredible.

Q: What makes a good Best Ball teammate?

A: I think a good best ball teammate is someone who keeps a positive attitude throughout the round. Being a good player always helps too!

Q: How did you find your teammates?

A: My teammates were all my University of Delaware Club Golf teammates. We basically took the local area members of the team and played together in the City Tour for the summer.

Q: What makes your team unique?

A: Our team is unique in the fact that we're a group of all college guys that have a great team chemistry. You could pair any of our players together and you'd see good scores.