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NCCGA National Championship bids up for Grabs

NCCGA National Championship AND The Masters?!? What a great weekend to be a golfer. The cold winter that plagued the teams in the Northeast seems to finally be in the rearview mirror. The Azaleas are in full bloom in Augusta. Dozens of college golf teams from around the country will be finishing their NCCGA Regional play in...
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From “Golf Was” to “Golf Is”

Golf was the first sport I picked up at the age of five, when I hit plastic clubs in my grandparent’s front yard. Golf was the summer clinic where I learned how to drive, chip and putt better than the boys with cooties. Golf was the junior tournaments I competed in and sometimes won at...
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Golf Blogging For NCCGA Club Golf

My name is David Uhrmacher and I am the NCCGA Director of Communications. Under the leadership of Chase Russell and company this year, we are going to move the NCCGA and Nextgengolf with hopes to grow both club golf and recreational golf on college campuses to an all-time high level. With that overarching goal...
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Golf Brings the Community Together

#GOLFIS not only a sport but it is a lifestyle. I learned this first hand at the Metropolitan Golf Writers Association 63rd Annual Awards Dinner, on June 23rd 2014. Freddy Couples and Nancy Lopez were both honored at the dinner, along with John Feinstein, Knickerbocker Country Club, The Blackwelders, Travelers and the NJ PGA. All of...
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My Mount Rushmore of Golf

If there were three other people in the world that you would like the play 18-holes with, who would it be? Whether you're an avid golfer or a weekend hack, you've probably thought about who would be in your dream foursome. Many people jump straight to the greats of the game such as Ben Hogan,...
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NCCGA South Regional No. 1 Recap

The NCCGA South region kicked off its spring semester this past weekend at Silver Lakes, which is an outstanding Robert Trent Jones facility about an hour northeast of Birmingham, Ala. Silver Lakes has a unique layout with three nine hole courses: Mindbreaker, Backbreaker and Heartbreaker. Read more

Enjoying the College Golf Lifestyle

The Iowa State Golf Club (@ISUGC) is entering its second semester of competitive play in the NCCGA Central Region (@NCCGACentral). As a member of the team, I couldn't be more excited for the upcoming spring season. (more…)...
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