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Let New Balance Golf replace your old shoes

Every pair of golf shoes tells a story. It can be a good story, such as the time you shot your first hole-in one. Or a bad story, such as the 105 you shot in a tournament, and the time you fell in the water hazard trying to take a risky shot. Whatever the story,...
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Top 5 College Golf Trick Shots

Golf trick shots are trending in the world of golf, and no one is complaining. College golfers have been embracing the trick shot trend by practicing and posting their talents. Below are my top five. (more…)...
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Top 3 Club Golf Instagram Accounts

NCCGA club golf teams have traditionally used twitter to spread their word and interact with other teams in their regions. With the start of the new season comes the use of a new social platform, Instagram, that teams such as Iowa State, Baylor, and Clemson are now using to share their #ClubGolf experience. Read more

How to use Twitter to Grow Club Golf

NCCGA is one of the fastest growing organizations in all of golf, and who would have thought that a free tool–twitter–would play such a larger part in fueling it? For many of us in NCCGA, setting up a team twitter is second nature if you’ve been using twitter already to follow the news and stay in...
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